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Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd. Address: No. 40, District 1, Free Trade Zone, Hebi City, Henan Province Telephone: 0392-3285959
Fax: 0392-3337156
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Attorney authorization statement

Authorized by Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute

Published by Hebi Dade Law Firm

Attorney authorization statement

Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute is a company specializing in the R & D, production and sales of coal analysis equipment and coal testing equipment. Since the establishment of the company, several products have been developed and are well received by the market. Recently, there have been many manufacturers producing and selling coal-based instruments on the market. The Chinese character intelligent sulfur detectors they produced are counterfeiting and cracking our company's similar products. They faked and cracked and seriously violated the rights of our copyright holders; their mass production severely interfered with the market order; and their crude production seriously harmed the interests of consumers. We express our strong indignation at this shameful act, and at the same time we seriously declare: We reserve the right to resort to legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our original copyright owner when necessary.
In view of this, the attorney authorized to issue a statement: all manufacturers that have committed the above-mentioned illegal acts must immediately stop the production and sale of Chinese character intelligent sulfur detectors, immediately stop the infringement of Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute, and make the previous production and sales of Chinese characters Take full responsibility for all adverse consequences of the sulfur analyzer. He will be held accountable for economic and legal responsibilities on behalf of Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.
Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute
Unit Tel: 0392-328 5959
Legal Counsel: Dade Law Firm of Hebi City
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