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Automatic Sulfur Detector-Teaching Edition Instrument Receives Another University Order
Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute received a batch of teaching instrument orders from vocational education secondary schools. Products include automatic sulfur analyzer , automatic calorimeter , intelligent muffle furnace and a batch of coal quality analysis instruments. The batch of instruments passed the formal acceptance of the school's expert review team the day before yesterday, and received unanimous praise from the expert group.

The experimental version of the teaching instrument is a teaching model of the coal quality analysis instrument. It is specifically aimed at the characteristics of the teaching instrument. During the experiment, all the intermediate variable parameters are made public in order to verify and analyze the impact of key parameters on the experimental results. So as to achieve the purpose of teaching.

In recent years, Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd. has continuously carried out school-enterprise cooperation with several colleges and universities. On the one hand, we have developed very practical teaching experimental instruments for schools. More importantly, the company will continue to develop and strengthen school-enterprise cooperation in the future, so that the expertise and wisdom of experts and professors can be integrated into the company's product development and technology upgrade. We will make our own contribution for the re-upgrade and reformation of the products of coal quality analysis instruments and coal testing equipment, and the re-upgrade and reformation of the industry.

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