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Calorimeter (calorimeter) series

HMRL-8000A color screen automatic calorimeter

Application fields <br /> Suitable for measuring solid or liquid flammable coal, petroleum, cement raw meal, grain, feed, etc. The calorific value of things.

Standards compliant
GB / T213-2008 "Determination of calorific value of coal"
GB / T384-1981 "Method for determination of heat value of petroleum products"
JC / T1005-2006 "Determination of calorific value of black cement raw materials"
ASTM D5865-2010 "Test method for total calorific value of coal and coking coal"

Technical parameters <br /> Temperature measurement range: 5 ~ 40 ℃
Temperature resolution: 0.0001 ℃
Ambient temperature range: 10 ~ 40 ℃
Ambient humidity: ≤85%
Precision: 0.1%
Accuracy: within the uncertainty range of the standard sample Test time: less than 10 minutes / time (fast method), less than 15 minutes / time (conventional method)
Power source: 220V 22V, 50HZ 1HZ
Power: ≤1KW
Dimensions: mm
Weight: kg

1. Oxygen bomb is automatically raised and lowered, oxygenated and deflated automatically.
2. The advanced refrigeration technology ensures that the temperature difference between the barrel inside and outside the instrument meets the national standard requirements.
3. Compressor cooling and heating technology can be used to work continuously for a long time.
4. Stainless steel vacuum inner barrel. Stirring system uses Germany imported motor.
5. Fast test speed, test cycle ≤8min (fast method), ≤15min (GB / T213-2008)
6. Thermal capacity stability Within three months, the thermal capacity change is ≤0.2%, precision is <0.1%, and temperature resolution is 0.0001K.
7. This product has very good performance and reliability even under severe environment.
8, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and maintenance, low failure rate.
9, small size, a large number of mold manufacturing, high precision.
10. The repeatability and reproducibility of the calorific value test is better than the national standard GB / T213-2008.
11. High degree of automation. The built-in fixed container is used to automatically determine the amount of water in the inner barrel. The temperature difference between the temperature of the water inside the barrel and the outside of the instrument is automatically controlled.
12, using WindowsXP operating system to achieve one machine with multiple controls, testing each other without affecting each other, the software runs with high stability.
13. The data processing function is rich, users can easily query historical experimental data, day data, parallel sample data, etc.
14. It can be connected with electronic balance to realize automatic input of sample weight.