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Calorimeter (calorimeter) series

HMRL-6000 Microcomputer Automatic Calorimeter
Application fields <br /> Suitable for measuring solid or liquid flammable coal, petroleum, cement raw meal, grain, feed, etc. The calorific value of things.

Standards compliant
GB / T213-2008 "Determination of calorific value of coal"
GB / T384-1981 "Method for determination of heat value of petroleum products"
JC / T1005-2006 "Determination of calorific value of black cement raw materials"
ASTM D5865-2010 "Test method for total calorific value of coal and coking coal"

Technical parameters <br /> Temperature measurement range: 5 ~ 40 ℃
Temperature resolution: 0.0001 ℃
Ambient temperature range: 10 ~ 40 ℃
Ambient humidity: ≤85%
Precision: 0.1%
Accuracy: within the uncertainty range of the standard sample Test time: less than 10 minutes / time (fast method), less than 15 minutes / time (conventional method)
Power source: 220V 22V, 50HZ 1HZ
Power: ≤1KW
Dimensions: mm
Weight: kg

1. Controlled by a microcomputer, using Windows operating system and measurement and control software, asynchronous multi-control and non-interference.
2. Highly automated, automatic water injection, water temperature adjustment (the inner barrel temperature is about 1K higher than the outer barrel at the end point, which complies with the national standard 8.24 requirements), automatic drainage, automatic completion of the entire test process and printing of test results.
3. Low failure rate, self-protection, self-diagnosis technology, fast fault finding, and expert diagnosis function, can accurately determine whether the power supply, temperature probe, water level probe, control line, temperature card, oxygen bomb and printer are connected properly. And it clearly reminds the user that it is easy to maintain 4. It supports oxygen bomb air tightness test, without complicated lifting mechanism and compressor, and it runs stably.
5, easy to use, friendly interface, software fault tolerance, easy to learn and use.
6. Accurate results, using a unique cooling calibration system to ensure the test stability of the instrument performance.
7. Powerful data processing, report statistics and printing functions; can be connected to the Internet and connected to the balance, the data transmission is convenient, and the manager can remotely control the coal quality data.
8. Enter the relevant data, and the computer will automatically convert the high and low calorific value of the measured substance and the data storage of the test results.
9, CAN bus communication technology, one machine can be multi-control, test each other without affecting each other.