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Technical Information

Comparison between automatic sulfur tester and split sulfur tester or integrated sulfur tester
The automatic sulfur tester is a variety of sulfur, while the common split sulfur tester and integrated sulfur tester are single sample sulfur. A single sulfur is like a rifle, one bullet per shot. Diversified sulfur is like a machine gun. After the bullets (style) are placed in advance, they can be continuously carried out without using human cooking. Single sulfur is not acceptable. After a few minutes of stopping, the laboratory technician needs to cook. Therefore, a variety of sulfur tests have high efficiency and can be unattended, suitable for high-end instruments used in departments and occasions for large-scale testing.

Note: The 24 patterns are queued in order to complete the tests, not 24 patterns can be completed at one time . In that case, it would not be a machine gun, but a cannon. Our automatic sulfur is a machine gun.

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