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Industrial Analysis Project Series

HMMF-8 color screen smart muffle furnace
Application field <br /> Determination of ash and volatile content of coal, coke, ore and solid biomass fuel.

Standards compliant
GB / T212-2008 "Analytical Method of Coal Industry"

Technical parameters <br /> Temperature measurement range: 0-1000 ℃
Resolution: 1 ℃, temperature control accuracy: 3 ℃
Timing range: 99min59s, resolution 1s, timing accuracy 30s / 24h
Power: ≤4KW
Test items: slow ash, fast ash, volatile matter, Roga adhesion and self-setting program. Furnace size: 300x200x120 (mm)
Overall dimensions: 480x550x580 (mm) (excluding the protruding part of the chimney)
Weight: 45kg

1. The furnace is well-made; the insulation material of the furnace is a high-temperature-resistant, lightweight, environmentally-friendly and polycrystalline mullite fiber, which has a very low heat capacity and thermal conductivity, which is energy-saving and efficient; the furnace wire is a molybdenum-containing long-life high-temperature resistant furnace Wire; ensure that the furnace can work for a long time at the source.
2. Accurate and reliable temperature measurement: The temperature measurement part uses the high-precision and high-stability conversion chip of AD Company in the United States, and the software uses nonlinear correction for the thermocouple voltage and temperature value conversion to ensure that the temperature measurement system is accurate, stable and reliable. In addition, it has a special thermocouple cold junction temperature measurement circuit to correct the temperature of other manufacturers' test circuit board temperature as the wrong solution for the thermocouple cold junction compensation temperature.
3. Accurate and stable temperature control: The intelligent fuzzy PID control algorithm is used to ensure that the temperature control accuracy is higher than the national standard. It has the self-adaptive function of the power supply voltage, especially when the power supply 220v fluctuates greatly, the heating voltage on the furnace is automatically adjusted, thereby extending the working life of the furnace and protecting the furnace from being burned.
4, friendly human-computer interaction: large-screen color LCD touch screen display, built-in instructions, built-in national standard, project test process information prompts and intuitive, so that users easily grasp the use. The instrument comes with a special calculator for coal quality, which is convenient for users to calculate the results under various coal quality items during experiments.
5. Rich software functions: The instrument not only has debugging assistance functions, fault self-diagnosis functions, and abnormal reminding prompt functions. The instrument also has a power-off function: in the case of reverse thermocouple connection, thermocouple hitting wire, solid-state breakdown, etc., the power can be cut off immediately to effectively protect the furnace from being burned.
6, classic structure design: unique furnace door opening structure, after the furnace door is opened, the heating surface faces away from the operator, protecting the laboratory technician from being burnt. The classic integrated structure of the whole machine has novel appearance and elegant appearance.