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Industrial Analysis Project Series

HMGF-8 Fully Automatic Industrial Analyzer (Dual Furnace)
Application fields <br /> Determination of moisture, ash, and volatile content of coal, coke, ore, carbon black, asphalt, and solid biomass fuels and calculation of their fixed carbon, hydrogen content, and calorific value; combustibles in fly ash and slag Content analysis; analysis of moisture, ash and volatile matter of the petroleum coke after calcination; analysis of loss on ignition of cement.
Standards compliant
GB / T212-2008 "Analytical Method of Coal Industry"
DL / T1030-2006 "Industrial analysis method of coal automatic instrument method"
MT / T1087-2008 "Industrial Analysis Methods and Instruments for Coal"
ASTM D5142-2009 "Industrial Analysis Methods for Analytical Samples of Coal and Coke"

Technical parameters <br /> Sample weight: 0.5 ~ 1.5g
Maximum working temperature: 1000 ℃
Temperature control accuracy: 1 ℃
Number of samples: 1 to 20 in water and ash, 1 to 24 in volatiles Test temperature: 105 C (moisture), 815 C (ash), 900 C (volatiles)
Test time: 20 samples and three indicators Test time ≤ 90 minutes Precision: Meet GB / T212-2008 standard and American ASTM D5142-2009 standard accuracy: within the uncertainty range of the standard sample 50HZ 1HZ
Power: ≤8KW
Overall dimensions: 620x530x760mm, 550x580x510mm
Weight: 120kg

1. The round well-shaped high temperature furnace with imported materials has uniform temperature distribution. The advanced intelligent PID temperature control algorithm ensures that the temperature control accuracy reaches 1 ℃, thereby ensuring the long-term stability and accuracy of thermogravimetric analysis.
2. There are two built-in Sartorius electronic balances from Germany, together with a special heat insulation device, to ensure the long-term working environment of the built-in balance, so as to ensure the long-term stability and accuracy of thermogravimetric analysis.
3, the process determines the results: moisture, ash, volatile content testing each process meets the national standard requirements, thereby ensuring the reliability of the results. Can be used for arbitration analysis.
4. Extremely fast test speed: the test can be started after starting, using a multi-furnace double balance structure, with a constant temperature drying device, the three indicators of moisture, ash, and volatile content can be determined in any combination or separately, and test 20 samples at the same time Three indicators can be completed in 120 minutes.
5. Classic structure design: The classic weighing and continuous sample delivery mechanism has been proven for a long time to ensure stable and reliable weighing and sample delivery; there is no slide rail translation device such as "manipulator" to avoid crucible dropping, misalignment and falling during the transfer process. Accidents such as broken crucibles.
6. High degree of automation: using advanced computer real-time communication technology and adaptive control technology, integrating high-precision imported electronic balances into the instrument, combined with automatic weighing mechanism, using thermogravimetric analysis, automatic weighing, automatic sample sending, Automatic processing of data, calculation of results, printing and storage of reports, etc., to achieve unattended operation.
7, easy to operate and easy to learn: fully integrate the actual work needs in software design, humanized human-computer interaction interface is very friendly, the instrument has debugging assistance functions, fault self-diagnosis function, abnormal reminder reminder function, etc. to ensure the normal and safe use of the instrument.
8. The instrument has strong adaptability: the instrument can be connected to the network, and has the function of uploading data reports to realize data sharing.