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Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd. Address: No. 40, District 1, Free Trade Zone, Hebi City, Henan Province Telephone: 0392-3285959
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Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd. is located on the beautiful shore of Qishui. The factory is located in the national free trade zone of the high-tech development zone of Qibin, Hebi, adjacent to 107 National Highway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. , Is a high-tech joint-stock modern enterprise specializing in coal quality analysis instruments and coal testing equipment.
We don't forget history! At this moment, we need to commend our dear ones again-the master and old comrades of the Hebi Institute who originally developed the coal quality analysis instrument and coal testing equipment designated by the Ministry of Coal, some of them come from all corners of the world, some are not far away. For the cause of the motherland ’s coal quality analysis instrument and coal testing equipment, they are also working quietly here, they are also working here, they have also exerted their ingenuity here, and they have dedicated their youth here. In the same way, they have also achieved great results and received more respect!
Let's go! Today we took the baton for honor. Relying on the Dongfeng of institutional reform and enterprise restructuring, the China Coal Research Institute will continue to uphold the original human-oriented view of talents and "quality wins" the quality view, relying on our mechanical structure design, electronic technology engineering, intelligent automation instruments, Middle and senior technical personnel in computer application, software engineering development and other professional fields, with our many years of experience in the field of coal mining and testing, we will continue to carry forward the revolutionary fine tradition of Mr. Fu, and we will continue The quality analysis equipment and coal testing equipment business has been added.
Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute currently has a complete product line of comprehensive coal quality analysis instruments and coal quality testing equipment. The main products are: calorimeter (calorimeter) series, sulfur determination (sulfur measurement) series, high temperature furnace (muffle furnace) series, moisture analyzer series, drying box series, industrial analyzer series, ash melting ( Ash melting point) measuring instrument series, hydrocarbon element analyzer series, adhesion index measuring instrument, colloidal layer measuring instrument and other coal quality analysis instruments. Sealed sample making machine, hammer crusher, jaw crusher, Qum drum, electric hot plate, two-part series and accessories, etc. coal quality testing equipment.
Hebi Huamei Instrument Research Institute is an original design participant of some products, and we are the source code owner of some products. We have the ability to redesign and improve our products. Here, we very much welcome experienced users to submit inconveniences and deficiencies in the use of the product, or their own experience, ideas and suggestions. Let us work together and let us work together for the product Upgrade again, upgrade the industry and make our own contribution!
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