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Cement Index Tester Series

NJ-6JBY Type Integrated Bond Index Tester
Scope of application <br /> It is used to determine the cohesion of coking coal-Roga index and cohesion index. Applicable to the laboratories of coal, metallurgy, coking departments and scientific research units;

Adopted standards
GB / T5447-1997 "Determination method of bituminous coal bond index"

Performance characteristics
1. Adopt brand-new technology, cleverly combine the tumble drum, stirrer and static pressure device together to make it a new generation of tackiness index measuring instrument.
2, can display dynamic speed, time and number of revolutions and stirring speed dynamically at the same time.
3. The instrument has stable and reliable performance, complete functions and simple operation.
4. It is the latest product among similar products, which further reduces labor intensity and improves the accuracy of experiments.
5. It adopts microcomputer control and strictly controls the control of time, rotation speed and inclination according to the experimental steps in the national standard, which makes the experimental results more accurate and reliable, improves the consistency of the experimental results, and saves a lot of manpower, material resources and time.

Technical Parameters
1. The tilting angle of the crucible in the stirring part: 45
Crucible speed: 15r / min
Rotating speed of stirring rod: 150r / min
45 stirring time: 1 minute 45 seconds
45 to vertical time: 15 seconds Display mode: Digital display
2. Rotating speed of drum part: 50 2r / min
Preset number of revolutions: 250 revolutions Drum revolutions Display method: Digital tube display termination signal: Buzzer sound
3.The static pressure part meets the requirements of GB / T5447-1997 "Determination method for bituminous coal bond index"
4. Technical parameters Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Power: about 40W
Dimensions: 450 450 350