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Cement Index Tester Series

NJ-6J Bonding Index Stirrer

Scope of application <br /> It is used to determine the cohesion of coking coal-Roga index and cohesion index. Applicable to the laboratories of coal, metallurgy, coking departments and scientific research units;

Adopted standards
GB / T5447-1997 "Determination method of bituminous coal bond index"

Performance characteristics
1. The structure is compact and easy to operate, except for manually loading and unloading the crucible by hand, the operation process does not require manual intervention;
2, generous, compact, light weight;
3. With automatic adjustment function after turning on (vertical direction)
4. The process automation, the rotation speed and the inclination of the stirring rod and crucible are automatically controlled, which reduces the labor intensity.

Technical Parameters
Technical index 4 pot parameters 2 pot parameters
Crucible tilt angle 45 45
Rotating speed of stirring rod 150r / min 150r / min
Crucible number 4 2
Crucible speed 15r / min 15r / min
45 stirring time 1 minute 45 seconds 1 minute 45 seconds
45 to vertical time 15 seconds 15 seconds
Display method Digital display Digital display
voltage 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ
power 12W 12W
Overall dimensions (mm) 400 350 340 300 180 280