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Cement Index Tester Series

NJ-2 Bonding Index Tester
Scope of application <br /> It is used to determine the cohesion of coking coal-Roga index and cohesion index. Applicable to the laboratories of coal, metallurgy, coking departments and scientific research units;

Adopted standards
GB / T5447-1997 "Determination method of bituminous coal bond index"

Technical parameters <br /> Drum revolutions: 50 2 r / h;
Speed range: 0 ~ 999 r;
Clock accuracy: <1 s / h;
Motor power: 120W;
Power supply voltage: AC 220 (1 10%) V, 50Hz;
Dimensions: 540 480 310mm;
Weight: ≈45Kg.

Performance characteristics <br /> New technology and new components such as intelligent microprocessor, Hall speed detection switch, non-contact control switch, power failure protection, brand new reduction gear;
The operation is simple and convenient, and the speed, speed and time can be displayed dynamically;
Accurate testing, stable and reliable performance, complete functions, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has characteristics not available in other similar products;