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Sulfur measuring instrument

HMDL-818 Automatic Sulfur Detector

HMDL-818 Automatic Sulfur Detector

equipment name:
HMDL-818 Automatic Sulfur Detector 21 samples of automatic sulfur detector, also known as: automatic sulfur detector, automatic sulfur determination instrument, microcomputer efficient sulfur determination instrument, microcomputer efficient sulfur measurement instrument, automatic sulfur determination instrument
Adopt: horizontal furnace type structure , corundum boat to place coal samples .

Instrument introduction:
Horizontal furnace, rectangular plate-traveling flat-feeding sample feeding mechanism, innovative design, stable and reliable. high degree of automation. After placing multiple samples at one time, the samples are automatically sent and the experiment is started automatically, and samples can be added at any time during the experiment and the sample order can be dynamically adjusted. The computer program fully supports the latest operating systems such as Windows XP, Win7-32 / 64, Win8, and Win10. Original design, patented technology. The automatic sample delivery structure of the instrument has been declared a national invention patent, and the control program of the instrument has been declared for copyright protection of software products. One machine with multiple controls, supports mashups. Support multiple single sulfur or multiple sulfur, horizontal automatic sulfur or vertical automatic sulfur together use a microcomputer and share an operating interface. It can be connected with an external electronic balance to achieve the purpose of automatically inputting sample weight information in batches. Adopting SQL database system, mass storage of historical data. And can easily achieve data sharing, data upload functions. Silicon carbon tube resistance is adaptive. The heating part adopts PID self-learning adaptive control algorithm, and the temperature control accuracy is high. There are 3 voltmeters and 1 ammeter to display the working status of the heating circuit, which is convenient for the fault diagnosis of the heating part and the troubleshooting of suspected problems. Choice of multiple languages. Multi-language language operation procedures in different countries and regions including Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Russian and Mongolian.
Technical Parameters:
1 Sulfur measurement range: 0.1-20%
2 Sulfur measurement resolution: 0.01
3 test time: 4 minutes-8 minutes
4 Test temperature: 1150 C (coal), 920 C (oil)
5 Temperature control accuracy: 5 ℃
6 Sample weight: 50mg 0.2mg
7 Number of samples: 1-21
8 test method: Coulometric titration
9 Precision: in accordance with GB / T214-1996
10 Accuracy: within the tolerance of the standard sample
11 Power: 220V 10% 50Hz Power: ≦ 3.5kw
(Note that the computer and the sulfur measurement host must use the same phase power)
12 Instrument size: 920mm 530mm 420mm
13 Instrument weight: 45kg
Test environment requirements and user-supplied materials
1 Ambient temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤80% No strong vibration, dust, strong electromagnetic interference, corrosive gas around. The air should be substantially free of SO2 gas.
2 Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, power 3KW.
3 working table: 700mm (width) 2500mm (length).
4 Potassium bromide (analytical grade)
5 Potassium iodide (analytical grade)
6 glacial acetic acid (analytical grade)
7 distilled or purified water
8 absorbent cotton (medical)
9 Silicone
10 standards
11 tungsten trioxide (analytical grade)