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Sulfur measuring instrument

Large color screen integrated intelligent sulfur determination instrument
名称: Instrument name:
The sulfur measuring instrument adopts an integrated structure and is an integrated sulfur measuring instrument .
大彩屏一体化智能定硫仪 7-inch large color screen display, so it is also called large color screen integrated intelligent sulfur measuring instrument, large color screen integrated intelligent sulfur measuring instrument
Instrument introduction:
1: 7-inch color touch screen display, the help prompt information display is very rich.
2: It can be operated by touching the LCD screen, or it can be connected to a computer and operated through an interface program. It also comes with a traditional keyboard. Choose from 3 control modes, which is very convenient to use.
3: Integrated componentized structure, very convenient for debugging, installation and maintenance.
4: The instrument is a single sample of sulfur.
Technical Parameters:
1: number of samples
2: Overall size 500mm 400mm 730mm
3: Instrument net weight 40㎏
(The following technical parameters are not only provided by this instrument, but also by other sulfur detectors of our company)
1: Test principle Coulomb titration
2: Sulfur resolution 0.001% (up from 0.01% of other peers)
3: Sulfur measurement range 0.1% ~ 40% (please contact special model for out of range)
4: Sample weight 50.0mg (input range 0.1㎎ ~ 99.9㎎) Ultra-high sulfur content sample can be weighed less, ultra-low sulfur content sample can be weighed more, which is convenient for analysis of other substances
5: Test time 4 ~ 8 minutes (automatically determine the end of the titration, the specific time depends on the type and weight of the sample)
6: Test temperature is 1150 ℃ (coal coke) 920 ℃ (oil). Temperature control range 400-1200 ℃ for other analysis
7: Temperature control accuracy 2 ℃.
8: Precision accords with GB / T214-2007
9: The accuracy is within the tolerance of the standard sample, and is better than the national standard
10: 220V 50Hz power supply; ultra-wide power supply voltage design can be used between 160v-260v.
11: The power consumption of the instrument is ≤3kw. (Latest design, energy saving and environmental protection.)
Performance introduction:
1. The product is equipped with a color touch screen, which can be operated either by touch-sensing, keyboard operation, or computer program control. The Chinese-language menu-based operation interface is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to operate. The instrument has a simple structure and stable and reliable performance.
2. This product uses 7-inch color touch screen as human-computer interactive parts, with a lot of embedded graphics and easy to learn about how to use the instrument, how to operate it, how to install it, how to debug it, how to maintain it, etc. Pictures, so that users can use the instrument as soon as possible, and quickly become a technical expert in the industry to master the knowledge of sulfur quantification. The first in the industry to apply advanced technology to introduce each component with pictures and texts, diagnose the fault in real time, and prompt solutions .
3. The instrument has the function of real-time monitoring and diagnosis of hidden troubles on the site, which can eliminate the hidden troubles in the bud state and reduce the possibility of further development of the failure. In addition, it has detailed pictures of the failure processing steps, which can greatly reduce the after-sales of the instrument Maintenance costs and effort.
4. The instrument adopts a more advanced fuzzy PID speed temperature control program, intelligently judges and adapts silicon carbon tubes with different resistance values, linearizes the temperature rise, and has high temperature control accuracy. In addition, it also protects the silicon carbon tube well and greatly extends it. The life of silicon carbon tube.
5. The instrument can input Chinese characters by pinyin input method, and can support Chinese character sample names, which is convenient for user sample management. The measurement results can be stored for a long time, and can be queried and printed.
6. This system puts the high temperature furnace, magnetic stirrer, air purification device, electrolytic cell, automatic sample delivery mechanism, and single-chip control circuit in the same case, which makes the whole system beautiful, small in size, and convenient to place and connect. , System operation and daily maintenance are simple and so on.

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