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Sulfur measuring instrument

HMDL-618 Automatic Sulfur Detector

24 sample automatic sulfur tester

HMDL-618 Automatic Sulfur Detector

equipment name:
24 samples of automatic sulfur measuring instrument, (also known as: automatic sulfur measuring instrument, automatic sulfur measuring instrument, microcomputer efficient sulfur measuring instrument, microcomputer efficient sulfur measuring instrument, also called by some enterprises as rotary table sulfur measuring instrument, automatic sulfur measuring instrument Wait)
It belongs to shaft furnace structure , and corundum crucible is used to place coal samples.

Instrument introduction:
1: This instrument belongs to a vertical cracking furnace and a turntable structure . See structure introduction for details
3: Microcomputer computer windows program operation mode.
4: The instrument does not have an internal balance but can be connected to an electronic balance to achieve the function of automatically entering the sample weight. Comparative analysis of the characteristics of the automatic sulfur measuring instrument with internal balance.
5: The instrument can add additional samples, which can conveniently implement the function of queue cutting and dynamically adjust the sample preparation sequence. See the introduction for details

Technical Parameters:
1: The number of samples is 1 to 24 (the sample can be added dynamically during the test process, which can realize the function of cutting in and requeuing, dynamically adjusting the sample queue and the sequence of sample preparation)
2: Overall size 500mm 400mm 730mm
3: Instrument net weight 30㎏
(The following technical parameters are not only provided by this instrument, but also by other sulfur detectors of our company)
1: Test principle Coulomb titration
2: Sulfur resolution 0.001% (up from 0.01% of other peers)
3: Sulfur measurement range 0.1% ~ 40% (please contact special model for out of range)
4: Sample weight 50.0mg (input range 0.1㎎ ~ 99.9㎎) Ultra-high sulfur content sample can be weighed less, ultra-low sulfur content sample can be weighed more, which is convenient for analysis of other substances
5: Test time 4 ~ 8 minutes (automatically determine the end of the titration, the specific time depends on the type and weight of the sample)
6: Test temperature is 1150 ℃ (coal coke) 920 ℃ (oil). Temperature control range 400-1200 ℃ for other analysis
7: Temperature control accuracy 2 ℃.
8: Precision accords with GB / T214-2007
9: The accuracy is within the tolerance of the standard sample, and is better than the national standard
Performance introduction:
1: Using the component design concept, the system components such as integrated turntable automatic sample delivery mechanism, vertical high-temperature cracking furnace, electrolytic cell, agitator, air purifier, etc. are assembled in a box. The concept is novel and the structure is clever, so that the instrument is easy to maintain and debug, and the appearance is beautiful.
2: Although the instrument does not have a built-in electronic balance, the laboratory technician needs to manually weigh the sample. However, the external electronic balance can be used to automatically enter the sample weight by pressing the button when weighing the sample. The entire test process after loading can be unattended, and is automatically completed by the instrument: automatic continuous sample delivery, automatic coulomb determination, automatic control function switch, and the test results are automatically stored in the database. . .
3: The latest constant current source electrolytic method, the calculation of Coulomb titration integral is realized by the program. The program comes with a dedicated overall coefficient calculator, and the system error is corrected by the software. The test result is better than the national standard, with good repeatability and high accuracy.
4: The system design has a special fault detection task program. When the instrument is working, it will monitor each functional part of the system in real time, and it has the function of judging and alarming the fault. In addition, there is a powerful debugging menu, which greatly facilitates fault diagnosis and elimination.
5: Microcomputer test software fully supports Windows9X, WindowsXP platforms, high system stability. The human-computer interaction interface is friendly, which is convenient for operators to learn and use. Can be networked to achieve remote data sharing and facilitate data sharing management.
6: The hardware of the control system adopts the latest ARM series single-chip microcomputer in the United States, and the control software is written under the multi-tasking operating system UC / OS-Ⅱ, so as to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the instrument and the strong anti-interference ability.
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